Apply Online

To apply online for a position, use this process:

  1. Complete the three forms listed directly below these instructions.
    1. AVIASCO Job Application
    2. Application Supplement (flight and ground instructor positions only)
    3. Alcohol and Drug Policy Supplement
  2. Save your application documents electronically or print out paper copies.
  3. Complete the online form below, attaching the required documents.
  4. Click Send at the bottom to send your application directly to IASCO Flight Training.

You may also email your application documents to cfijobs[at] or fax them to (530) 722-9420.

Applicants will be contacted via email. Applicants wishing to inquire as to the status of their application are requested to either send an email using the “Request More Information” page or directly to cfijobs[at] No phone calls, please.

These forms can be filled out using Adobe Reader.

Downloads: (3 total)

Online Application Form

1. Applicant Information

Your Name

Your Email

Applying for:
 Flight Instructor Ground Instructor Other

2. Resume and Cover Letter


Cover Letter

3. Completed Application PDFs

AVIASCO Application

Application Supplement (Flight and Ground Instructor positions only)

Alcohol and Drug Policy Supplement

4. Additional Documents

Pilot Certificate (front and back)

Flight Instructor Certificate (front and back)

Ground Instructor Certificate (front and back)

Medical Certificate (front and back)


5. Your Message